About me

Eric Araújo is currently a PhD Candidate at the VU Amsterdam. His main research focus on creating cognitive models that can explain human behaviour. Most of his research is dedicated to healthy lifestyle, social contagion in social media, political opinion cognition, crowd behaviour in urgent situations and other social phenomenon,

He does most of his programming in Python. As he has interest in social networks, he usually works with the networkx toolbox. For data analysis and machine learning the Pandas package, scikit-learn and some self-made parameter tuning algorithms.

Eric Araújo is also passionate about photography, and craves time to study a bit more of it. Currently he is learning HDR techniques, studio lightening, portraits and low light photography. He adventures sometimes as a street photographer when he feels like doing it (and has no deadlines pending...).

Eric is married to Amy Araújo, the sweetest heart on Earth, and lives in a very tiny place in Amsterdam, as usually all the places are. They share their faith with students from ISMA, and are part of Christ Church in Amsterdam. They also are very excited about hosting people, and traveling.


If you are really enthusiastic about my research projects, and want to talk about it, or you are very interested on learning about my programming routines, or maybe you are also passionate about photography and like my photos and want to ask more about it, or maybe you are interested in finding a Christian fellowship and need some help, or maybe you are not Christian, but curious to know how a PhD student can still believe in God, feel free to contact me. We can have some coffee anytime.
ericinlinux at gmail.com

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